Day Two

Today was not nearly as eventful as yesterday, mostly because I slept WAAAAY later than I meant to, as in *cough cough* 3PM. Yep. I woke up at 10:30AM and went back to sleep thinking, "oh, I'll just sleep for another hour or so." No such luck. My plans were originally to walk into town to get the few errands I needed to do done, then hike into the national park to see Ross Castle. Once I got going though, I really only had time to get my errands done, as it gets dark around 7 or so.

First things first, I walked into town because I needed a converter for my computer cord, and the two stores I tried yesterday didn't have what I needed. The converter I brought with me was only a two pronger and I didn't realize it until I got here; and my computer was dead. So three stores later and viola! Success at last, I was starting to worry I wouldn't be able to find one. After that I bought a phone, I just need to buy minutes and it'll be up and running. Finally I went grocery shopping. That was interesting. I grabbed everything I'd need and then checked out, which would be fine, but they don't give you bags for your things! Thankfully I had the bag with my phone, because I was able to fit most of the stuff in there, the rest in my backpack. That poor paper bag almost didn't make it home since it was raining and it fell apart as soon as I set it on the kitchen table. Yay for a bit of luck and timing!

Then I made myself a sandwich, made sure my adapter worked for my computer, then walked around. By this point it was getting dark, so the pictures aren't fantastic, but I did manage to take a few. It was beautiful out, it was breezy and crisp all day with one small shower and mist the rest of the day. By 9 or so it was super cold out! I actually wished I had my scarf to go with my wool jacket. But I came in and sat by the fire with Norma (one of my housemate's cousin) and warmed up a bit. Soccer and Gaelic soccer are HUGE here, so it's really fun to watch it with everyone. The Gaelic soccer finals are on Sunday and Finbarr (another of my housemates) is a huge fan, he's been talking about it constantly, and I can't wait to see it! Cork actually made it to the finals this year, too bad Kerry didn't! That would have been fantastic! Anyways, I'm told I'll get to see a super drunk Finbarr Sunday...there is no way I'll be able to understand him then. Haha. Speaking of drinking, Norma and Kate are taking me out to the pubs either tomorrow night or Friday. It'll be great! Can't wait!

Tomorrow, I hope to wake up early...although that's a bit doubtful at this point as it's 1:30 AM here now...I want to walk to Ross Castle, and then walk around the national park and take pictures. Good ones this time. :D

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  1. Michele Says:

    I'm so happy for you that this dream is now a reality..I'm loving your blog can't wait to hear what happens after your Pub night...xoxoMichele

  2. silverstag21 Says:

    Thanks Michele, I'm excited too!! Thanks! :D

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