I got my tattoo!!! I'm very excited, I love it!!!!! It took just under four hours, and was done by Eoin Oriain at Pachamama Tattoo Studio in Killarney Ireland. He thought it would take two, maybe two and a half hours tops, so by the time we finished it was 7 PM, and we were the last ones there. Earlier Eoin, Ozzy, and Vinny (the three tattoo artists at that shop) had been planning their night as it was Arthur's Day, and asked me if I wanted to come along. So, after the tattoo, we all went out and a few other people joined us, it was great!!! So much fun!

Other than that, not much has been happening. I've been sick, so I took yesterday as a rest day. I'm glad I did too.

Anyway, just a quick little update.

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  1. Kimberly Says:

    Very pretty... I love the color.... So, when you get pregnant... does the plant become a vine???? lol.... just kidding... it look great!

  2. silverstag21 Says:

    Thanks mom. :)

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