Finally in Ireland!!!!!

After a ridiculous amount of time either in flight or in airports, I'm finally here! It is so surreal to see everything in person, after looking at so many pictures. I think it is remarkable; Ireland has more levels of solid clouds than anywhere else I've ever flown. It was bizarre, we'd increase our height, and pass level after level of rolling, solid clouds. Four or five levels worth. What's more is that they completely covered the island in every direction that I could see, so it looked like an island of clouds from above. It was mesmerizing to watch.

As far as the whole travel process goes, I'd have to say that flight-wise, the cross country flight was twenty times worse than the main flight from JFK to Dublin. Which surprised me, but Aer Lingus is wonderful! Everything was new and high quality. I actually thought it was kind of fun, but I love to fly. And get this, their food was actually really good! I know, plane food that is good? Doesn't happen normally. We got beef stew with fresh vegetables, a roll, salad, cheesecake (which was fantastic for the record, and I don't even like cheesecake), and cheese. It was great!

I thought for sure that Dublin airport would be the death of me. That place is my nemesis! No signs, very twisty and convoluted, but thankfully I was still early for my flight to Co. Kerry, so no big deal I guess. Either way, I'm just glad to finally be here. It's been so long in the planning, that I can hardly believe it. On the taxi ride into town I kept getting this jolt and realizing that I was actually HERE, in IRELAND! This actually IS happening to me. It sounds so simple and obvious when I write it here, but in my head it's monumental. Speaking of the taxi ride though, it was both very scary and very endearing. My taxi driver was an older guy with fairly thick glasses, and a very odd Irish accent, I've never really heard anything like it. I decided that it was healthiest for the both of us if I didn't talk to him or ask him questions while he was driving, because every time he started to talk to me, he'd look at me in the mirror, and the car would drift as it saw fit. We almost hit a car head on...eek. Then, we almost side swiped a few different cars when he attempted the round about. It was kind of cute though, he was a super sweet and helpful man. Lived here all his life! Lucky guy, no?

Oh! I've also embarrassed myself....already. I accidentally went into the men's bathroom in the tiny Kerry airport (my final destination), and three men walked in after me before any of us realized I was out of place. Whoops. Super awkward, but funny. So classic.

It is 12PM here in Ireland, and I have yet to get jetlag. I left my house at 5AM yesterday morning. I feel fine though. I figure it will hit me tonight, if it does hit me. We shall see! Can't wait to meet my new housemates, hopefully everything goes well with them.

Finding wifi has been a bit difficult in town, but I finally found exactly what I was looking for--a cute little cafe with bar seating against the window. It is so peaceful! I'm drinking a pot of black tea, eating a fruit scone with preserves and Irish butter, and just watching people go by. There's a classic Irish pub across the street, I love it!!! I pulled the dorky tourist move and took a picture. Yay for my first "meal" in Ireland!

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  1. Kimberly Says:

    Wow!!! Great!!! Great pic too.... you could work for the travel channel...

  2. silverstag21 Says:

    Haha, thanks mom. :)

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