9/22/2010--Muckross House and Torc Waterfalls

Today opened with pouring down rain. It was lovely to hear as I got out of bed and got ready to go exploring. I love the rain! Thankfully though, the rain stopped by the time I actually was ready to go.

First I made my way to Muckross House and bought a ticket for the next tour, at 1:40. I had a while to spare before it started, so I wandered around the grounds and looked at the gardens. The green house was amazing! Vast rolling lawns, perfectly mowed....made me think they have to start on one end, and by the time they finished they'd have to start mowing all over again. For the record, I didn't notice any sprinkler heads. Haha, guess they don't need them.

The tour was great! It was pretty lengthy too, lasted for over an hour. Queen Victoria and Prince Albert visited the house and stayed for a few days. After they visited, tourism to Killarney greatly increased. The furniture pieces were simply breathtaking, and the library was....out of this world. All those books! Originals to the house; they had everything! Novels, encyclopedias, record books from Dublin. Simply amazing. I wanted to look inside them sooo bad, too bad I couldn't. :)

After the tour I walked to Torc waterfalls. They were gorgeous, not huge, but gorgeous. So serene....At this point I could see the rain clouds moving in over the lake and I was exhausted anyways, as I'd been walking all day, so I started on my way home.

On a side note, when I was on one of the remote roads to Torc waterfalls, the Google maps car drove past me!!!! How funny right? What are the chances!

That's basically what I did today, a lot of it was spent walking.

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