Today was a pretty boring day, not much happened. I'm thinking of going to Dingle, and perhaps the Cliffs of Moher late this week, or maybe early next week some time. Should be fun!!!!

I stopped by to see my tattoo artist today! I absolutely LOVE the sketch he came up with, it's exactly what I wanted. So excited! He has to make a few small adjustments, and then he'll have the drawing ready for me by late Wednesday, or Thursday sometime. Yay!!!!! Oh, and his name sounds like "Owen" but it's actually spelled Eoin. Just something I thought was cool. :) Anyways, that should be good. He got what I wanted perfectly. Woot woot!

The only other thing that I really did, besides read, was go grocery shopping. Not that exciting, like I said. Hah.

Just a quick update today. Hopefully I have more to say tomorrow.

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