Hair Forks and Other Ramblings...

Well hello blogging world! I'm feeling really happy and upbeat today. I have to admit that the last few days have been a little rough for me, I was having a bit of a hard time with my diabetes. I was doing so well for about a month--always in the perfect range, and then the last few weeks I've been too high constantly, it is so frustrating and I was feeling more and more infuriated. So much anger, and it all spearheaded two days ago. I was depressed, and then blessing in disguise happened. I accidentally left my fast acting insulin at home and when I checked my blood on my lunch break I was already high (263). Oh crap. That had never happened before. So I canceled the wheat bagel I ordered to go with my scrambled eggs with spinach and cheddar and instead got a garden salad to go with my eggs, and guess what? Two hours later my blood glucose was down to 165. I had almonds for a snack, and Two hours after that I was at 80. I ate an apple after work and only went up to 115. How frickin' cool is that?! Not only did I make it all day without a major struggle, but I actually felt energized for my entire shift! I normally get super lethargic and weak around 3 and instead I felt awesome. So the moral of the story is that if I eat right I might not even need insulin, or at least not as much, which is something I knew conceptually but it was really nice to actually watch it happen. Same goes for if I did the PCT, which makes me feel rather optimistic.

In other news, I've always identified with older women much more than younger women. I suck/don't care about hair and make-up. Seriously, I can hardly manage to braid my hair; it's like I have sixteen extra fingers or something, which cracks me up. As a pretty accomplished knitter, you'd think hair would be a natural tangent, right? Also, I look forward to going grey! I know it's weird, but I love the look of women with salt and pepper hair. So to get back on topic here, I work in a cafe and I have noticed over the years that my favorite people are the older ladies who don't care what people think--the ones that wear what they want, no matter how eccentric, wear their hair up in fun twists that are easy and quick, you get the picture. I decided I need to stop trying fit the younger girl style and go straight to old lady so I went on etsy and bought this ( hair fork. I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!! It's perfect, and so me!

Despite the bad bathroom phone picture, doesn't it look cool! 

On a side note, I do have to say that I'm really proud of Joel, he's put so much effort into becoming healthy, both physically and emotionally, and he's really come into his own with teaching. I've always thought he is a good teacher, but now he is phenomenal. He goes so far above and beyond to support his students and I feel like he should get a little recognition. I feel like he's doing everything right and I'm super impressed. On the art front, he's got his art up at Temple right now, and he just sold and 
entire SHELF of little woodburnings, and the shelf itself too! This is what the show looked like before he sold the shelf:

And a close up of the shelf:

I'm a little sad to lose some of those! A few of them were among my favorites, but how cool! Some guy bought them for his wife's birthday and he said she was so excited, she spent an hour looking at all of them. I call that an artistic success! 

My own knitting is going great, I've been spending my extra days off knitting and creating which feels so amazing! I have this little crocheted octopus that I got at a craft fair 2 years ago, and I literally look at it every single day. It dawned on me last week that I should try to knit my own equivalent and so I spent one whole day perfecting my own design. These little guys are turning out really cute! I've been trying to think of things I can sell this summer at craft shows, so they're perfect!