9/19/2010--Gaelic Football Final!

I had so much fun today!!!! The Gaelic football final was today!!! County Cork versus county Down. It's an all-Ireland game, where all of the counties have a team and they play it out until the finals where one county gets the cup. It's EPIC! Cork hadn't won in twenty years, until tonight!!!! We left for the pub at about 2:45 (the match started at 3:30) because we wanted to make sure we got seats, and ummmm...prepared. Finbarr is from Cork, so he's been talking about this match since long before I got here a week ago. The actual match was so interesting, I totally got into it. For the first half, Cork was not playing well at all, it was so frustrating! They were sloppy, and were down by two I think by the end of the first half. Thank god they came back for the second half and were on FIRE! They finally won by two points, and the match was extended by another two minutes or so. Well played altogether though, I enjoyed it immensely. After that we celebrated, of course. We had to go home early though because two of my housemates had work at 9 this morning, so we were home by 11:30 or so. A great day, if slightly unproductive. :)

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