So, I don't think I mentioned this previously, but I think I might pick up a bit of an Irish accent afterall!!! I said "craic" a few days ago, it's pronounced like "crack" and means fun in Gaelic. That would be so awesome if I do pick one up!

This may seem a bit random, but if you think I'm tall in America, I seem much taller here. Especially compared to the women, everyone I've been hanging out with has been shorter by at least 6"? They had heels on too. The men are short as well. Besides a surprising number of men that are literally over 7'. I think I've seen 3 men that tall? That's more than in America--and yes I'm sure it wasn't the same guy three different places.

On a side note, I was surprised that very few people have red hair. Almost no adults (who could quite possibly be dying it, who knows) and a few children. It's just funny to me that it's only kids with the red hair! Just interesting.

It's funny to me, every now and then something will trigger a memory and I get this weird deja vu-like feeling--but I feel like I'm in a Potter book! Hahahaha, I get a kick out of that every time it happens. I do believe I mentioned buying the European version of Deathly Hallows, and I've been reading it because this deja vu feeling gave me the biggest urge to reread it. And come now, how awesome is it to read Harry Potter in IRELAND? I'm loving it, that's for sure. :)

I found out the minimum wage in Ireland is 8.65 euros; which amounts to $11.36! Crazy, right?! So I'm thinking that I should work before I go home, because I'll be making more than if I went back home and worked for the same amount of time. We'll see. I have had three or four job offers while I've been here, which is fantastic!

Today I plan on running by the police station so I can start the process if I do decide to stay in Ireland longer, and find out how to get a work visa. Then after that I plan on running by the tourist center to find out tours that I can take up Dingle and Cliffs of Moher, so I can start to plan that particular trip out. I'll probably stay in hostels when I do that. Woot. I bet that will be awesome, just spend a few days exploring up the coast.

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