Ipomoea Socks

Whew, my life is a little bit complicated at the moment. I feel like I'm at a crossroads, there's so many different directions my life could go. Here's what I do know, I HAVE to leave my job. I have to. But how?! I realize that I will find job stability elsewhere, but I still question. It is seriously time for me to stop being so lazy and put myself out there! I need to get that resume in order ASAP. I feel like once I do that everything else will fall into place, and I think it's time I trust that feeling.

In other news, I started the Ipomoea socks yesterday! I am absolutely and completely in love with the yarn. Also, apparently I blocked out how utterly slow going knitting socks is. Whew. I knitted for hours and only got the cuff and a little of the leg repeat done. A little depressing, but I'll just have to knit a little bit each day and turtle on along. How do people just knit socks?! I actually do think it would be faster if I wasn't using DPNs. Normally I don't care and they work fine for me, but they feel really cumbersome for some reason. I'm using my old Addis instead of the Hiya's or the square wood ones I have been using recently and the Addis are so much heavier! Maybe that's part of it?

Anywho, I'm off to work. Wish me luck world!

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