Life changes galore!

Hey guess what world?! I finally did it! Well, I started to make a change at least. Yesterday, I told my manager that I'm cutting my hours down to three days a week and no weekends! It was funny, I really think that blogging has helped hold me more accountable for what I say I am going to do. Yesterday's lunch rush was crazy. We were understaffed, super busy, my manager K was being herself expediting and causing way more trouble than was necessary, and on top of all that my blood glucose (BG) crashed. Right in the middle of the rush. And I couldn't get it to go back up. ARGH, why?! So through all this, I was doing my usual mumblings in my head about how I hate my job, how I can't stand K, how much of a toll this job takes on my body, and how under appreciated I feel there. It felt different though, instead of just buckling down and getting through it resigned that I will have to do it again and again and feeling sad and angry--I was angry, but I felt soooo ready to change. I just decided I was going to march into her office and tell her; that day. No waffling or backing out. It was just time. It was funny, I had worked out all of the things I would tell her about why I didn't want to be full time anymore, and I was entirely ready to tell her how I felt; but when I told her my news, she just said "Okay, no problem, we'll make it work. The schedule is already out for next week, is that okay?". WHAT?! Hahaha, I couldn't have been more surprised. I walked out of that office with a huge smile on my face.

So now, here are my new plans for my life (let's see if I can keep up the positive change with my written word as my incentive to do better and be happier). I want to take the extra days off to focus on knitting more, and learning how to dye my own fiber. I want to read more! I used to read ALL the time and now I never do, I just get sucked into media and when I'm not doing that I'm knitting. On a side note, I realized that audio books are no bueno for me, they're nice at the time, but I don't retain the info like when I actually read. I listened to Dracula on audio book and really enjoyed it, but a few months later a friend read it and asked me what I thought actually happened when Jonathon Harker escaped the castle---a seriously pivotal and main part of the book---and I honestly and sincerely couldn't remember! Whoa. I remember having debates with myself about it and spending time thinking on that very subject and now there's just blankness. So from now on, audio books are only for fluff reads or books I've already read, but I digress.

I want to photograph all those darned knitting projects that I have completed so I can list them on etsy. And I don't mean photograph them sitting pretty on a rock like I normally do, I mean get someone to take photos of me modeling them/find someone else to model them so I can actually sell them. My etsy is pointless unless I give it love and attention. Hopefully I can generate a little extra income.

I want to meditate more! I used to meditate all the time! I used to be surrounded by candle light every night, I used to work with herbs and make my own teas and bath salts, I used to take baths, I used to go outside just to watch the moon, and I will make these things more of a priority because they make me happy.

Alright, well I have to get ready for my appointment with my nutritionist. Wish me luck! It's my first visit with one.                                                                                                                                                  

Oh, and I've also started listening to classical music again. It makes me feel happy, peaceful, and productive. So much better than the repetitive poppy stuff Pandora sticks me with. :)           

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