Re-entering the blogging world.

Well hello! I originally set up this blog to document my Ireland trip--which was in 2010. I still can't believe that it has been that long. I've been feeling the need to blog again and I think I'm overdue. I plan on writing about anything and everything. It's going to be more of a journal for myself, a way to remember my everyday life, and less of a public geared blog.

Where I am in my life now: I will have worked at my current job for three years come February 1, just one month from now. Joel and I have been together for quite a while now, also three years this Spring. I'm happy where I'm living, we have the cutest little house, and two of the sweetest little cats. Truth be told, I will probably prattle on about them from time to time, it's just so hard not to!!! They just bring me so much happiness. Knitting is a pretty huge part of my non-work life. I mostly love working with all the different fibers, they're so lovely!

I just finished a baby llama cowl, knitted with undyed yarn, and I plan on dying it with black beans! I found the instructions here: . Who would have thought black beans would dye fiber blue/green? Super awesome, hopefully I can start that project in the next day or two.

My diabetes is going okay. I actually have my first appointment with a nutritionist this Friday. I'm hoping for the pump, I just have to get some more Lantus testing nights in. Oh joy. ;)

Alright, that's good for a start, I felt it was important to at least get a little writing in while I was feeling it to get the ball rolling a bit. Goodnight.

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