My Computer Died!

Well, it's a sad day today! My computer completely stopped working. There's just a black screen when I try to turn it on and that's it. Joel's going to take it to school with him tomorrow to test if it's the screen, but I kind of doubt it. :/ I'm just hoping I can get all of my data off if I have to get a new computer. Oh wells, these things do happen, it's nothing I can't live without to be honest.

On a different note, I can't stop dreaming of Waldron. It started with a dream once a month or so, but this past week I've dreamt of it nightly. It's weird too, because I haven't been thinking about it much during the day, not like I was before. I guess my subconscious is still stuck on it. For those of you who don't know, Waldron is a tiny island off the coast of Washington in the San Juan's. It's probably also the most magical place I can think of and I have a huge dream of living there. Just visualize America back in the fifties. There are no paved roads, few cars--and the ones that are there are all very old, most of the people who live there make a living either fishing or farming, and it's so unbelievably and breathtakingly beautiful. It's like it was literally made for me. I can see my garden full of veggies and herbs I would use to make teas and dyes for my hand spun fibers! The beaches are littered with agate that you can find if you know what you're looking for and search long enough. Ah, and the weather! Sunny in the summer, but otherwise cold and overcast with lots of rain. :) In other words, just the place for me! I found a few pictures on the web and added them to my New Year's dream board because they make me feel so peaceful and happy.
Here's what the main road looks like. Yep. Now tell me you can think of someplace more amazing to live?! I didn't take any photos of Waldron sadly, at least not of the main area, but I have this dream of wearing a go cam when I walk from the dock to wherever I happen to be staying at the time because I feel like that is just such a great example of how the island feels. One day I'll end up there, you'll see. ;)

I've been bad again! I haven't work on my socks in two days!!! Bad Kaytie! Haha, I'm thinking I need to put a little time in before I go to bed tonight. I'm so close to finishing the first sock, I've just got to do it! 


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